The E List App

Walthamstow in East London is a place with a rich and diverse cultural life. The E List app gives you up-to-date fully searchable listings for the area including art, music, film, comedy, dance, family events, activities and more.

We have designed the app to be hopefully both ‘Useful and beautiful’ in the words of local hero William Morris. With so many things going on, our aim is that we’ll not hear “Well I totally missed that!” uttered again.

Over the years Walthamstow has become a magnet to a large and diverse creative community, many of whom are happy to volunteer their skills to benefit the local area. Morris’s maxim ‘Fellowship is Life’ is emblazoned on the town hall. To this end our app allows you to easily search and find wonderful things like local pop up cinemas, comedy clubs and one off events at local cafes, pubs and eateries.

Many people I have met describe Walthamstow as the friendliest place they’ve lived in London, and this for a place where the vast majority of its residents come from elsewhere. It is a place with its roots still firmly in east London soil, whose born and bred are known for their warmth and humour. It is in the end a great place to live. The app shows you why.

So have fun!

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