Why should I advertise my business in The E List?

  • We are Walthamstow’s only dedicated monthly listings and culture magazine.
  • 12,000 copies printed and distributed every month; 10,000 through doors and 2,000 in 50+ venues, shops, cafés, galleries, libraries, pubs etc across Walthamstow.
  • Approx 2,500 hits for the online version per month (www.issuu.com/e17_listings)
  • Quality coffee table style magazine which will be around people’s homes to refer to, and available in venues for a full month (unlike flyer campaigns).
  • An advert placed in The E List magazine will give your business or organisation the best value-for- money exposure available in Walthamstow.
  • The magazine is designed to complement the existing online resources that Walthamstow has, including Facebook and Twitter, but is also intended to reach the parts these don’t. The big advantage of a printed local magazine is everything is there in front of you, whereas online you have to go looking for it.
  • We distribute through doors to different areas of Walthamstow each monthly issue, which can also be extremely effective if you choose to book quarterly or annually. Please enquire for prices.


Who reads The E List?

The listings element gives the magazine a broad appeal across Walthamstow, so it will not only be read by the creative community but by anyone, young or old, who is looking for something to do on, for example, a Wednesday night in the local area. It has had an excellent reception wherever we have taken it.

This style of magazine is perfect for attracting the growing wave of new, mainly young people, moving into the area, and making sure they know what’s available. Alongside local pubs, cafés, food shops and restaurants, they will be looking for services such as architects, builders, suppliers etc.

As many of our more affluent residents, new and established, are commuters, it’s essential they know what fantastic things are available right here in Walthamstow.

Advertising rates

Please enquire for prices.